Prescription Drugs

Every day more than 2,000 teenagers use a prescription drug to get high for the first time.  They’re accessing these drugs in the comfort of home; it can be as easy as opening a cupboard, drawer or medicine cabinet. The good news is there are steps you can take to help protect your kids from prescription drug abuse.

5 Tips to Help Safeguard Pills and Educate your Teens about the Dangers of Rx Abuse

  1. Talk to your teen and warn them that taking prescription medications without a doctor’s supervision can be just as dangerous and as potentially lethal as taking illicit drugs. For example, pain killers are made from opioids, the same substance as in heroin.

  2. Keep medications hidden in your home – and out of easily accessible places like the medicine cabinet. Also, remind parents and family members whose homes your teen visits to keep prescription medications out of reach.

  3. Ask your health care provider if any medications prescribed for your family have a potential for abuse.

  4. Take an inventory of Rx and OTC medications in your home. Pay attention to quantities.

  5. If your child needs medications during school hours, speak with school officials about policies for distributing medications to students.  If possible, personally take the medications to the school nurse.  Make sure unused medication is returned to you.