Steering Committee

Our Steering Committee consists of chairs from each coalition sub committee, a community member-at-large, a parent member-at-large, elected for a one year term at the Coalition’s annual meeting, a representative from the TUHSD, representative of the fiscal agent (CMPA), representative from the City of Larkspur, Corte Madera, San Anselmo and/or Fairfax, coalition staff and coalition chairpersons.

Don Carney, Youth Advisory Council
Bridget Clark, Parent
Laurie Dubin, Community Partnership
Dina Enberg, Physicians Partnership
Kelsey Fernandez, Staff
Jazzy Gerraty, Staff
Lauren Halsey, Redwood High School Student
Linda Henn, Staff
Cynthia Keast, Law Enforcement
Jeremiah Mock, Data and Evaluation
Holley Shafer, Data and Evaluation
Liz Seabury, Drake High School Principal
Kira Swaim, School Partnership
Lisa Tabb, Media
LaSandra White, Redwood High School Assistant Principal
John Wright, Coalition Co-chair